5 Key Questions About Digital Signage Software

When it refers to choosing a digital signage software for your catering operations, some functions really should not be affected. The fact is that each restaurant is different and there are some basic needs that must be met in a very specific way.

To help you select and customize the best systems for your needs, here are 5 key questions to make sure you get some very basic necessary functions in digital signage systems and software for your restaurants.

1. Is it a platform of cloud-based?
The cloud-based system, also known as the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, it minimizes the total cost and software space usage, because no application software is installed and no support projects are required, such as a laptop or desktop. Same as the server software or hardware.
Instead, SaaS operators use browsers and online log-in to manage their networks, and log-in to the bank or manage funds online in the same way. In addition, a properly designed cloud-based system can extend your brand and adapt to peak activity and demand, to prevent crashes in the busiest time.

2. Does it have a store / franchise portal?
Local users of each physical site can access and manage information, menus, venue schedules, and even local weather updates. Each portal should be customized for users and administrators who can control the types of content that other users can manage. Essentially, the best CMS systems provide users ownership and value to their digital signage, as well as an approval system that provides the managers with the necessary control.

3. Does the system have an entire solution provider?
Restaurant owners know what they are good at – feeding people. Most people will be happy to offload most of their network operations to the right partners who understand their needs and optimize their video presentations. The entire solution provider reduces everything to a single invoice and point of contact.

4. Does it have built-in redundancy?
The display of menus is very important to the restaurant, and fail-safe backups are required when the hardware failure causes the screen to shut down. Automatic Screen Failover system will redistributes the content to the rest of the screen (if the failure happened) and prompts the operator to resolve the problem immediately. Without such a backup system, managers and staff are often unable to report an outage at first, leaving the screen black and losing business for days.

5. Does the system have an API?
An API or application programming interface allows for integration, data sharing and communication between systems, creating conditions for things such as dynamic planning and pricing-based sales and inventory management reporting. This permission make “rules” to be included in the system, which can trigger the promotion of items that are under-performing in inventory, or the removal of items that lack inventory.

These questions can clarify whether you have a basic need in your system or not.


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