Digital Disruption: Raising Expectations of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is experiencing a period of digital disruption. Owning modern and skilled target audience, creating high-energy, interactive and visual experiences is no longer the choice for automotive dealer’s showroom – it is necessary. Static signs and posters are no longer attracting audience. Digital signage is appealing and interactive which can be updated anytime, anywhere.

Digital disruption makes companies provide a new level of customer experience. According to the research indicated that, 88% of customers prefer to do business with a company that offers a superior customer experience rather than a company that only has the latest and most innovative products. With the ability to create stunning elements in the showroom, digital signage make a big improvement in the automotive industry’s customer experience, conducing to stronger engagement, increasing loyalty and improving conversion rates.

The potential for digital technology to improve the customer experience in the automotive industry is limitless. The following lists only covers a small number of the many opportunities available:

Outdoor LED

LED, whether installed on an LED trailer or LED display on the dealer’s facility, provides high-impact, flexible advertising options to attract passing traffic. Digital signage enables marketing teams to convey messages to consumers effectively and efficiently, and update content immediately.

Digital Screen

The digital screen can be placed throughout the waiting room and showroom strategically. Using a digital display to allow customers to entertain in the waiting room helps reduce perceived waiting times, meantime, creating a defensive marketing strategy for dealers by providing specific channels. The contents of the screen can include current product and service promotions; latest model releases and features; up-to-date financing options; and general information such as time, weather, news, and social media feeds. When the salesperson greets the customers, the customers would have already had access to a lot of marketing messages. The screen provides exciting full-color images or video capture of customers’ interest, creating customers’ curiosity and desire to know more. Video walls can be designed in a variety of formats, allowing large screens or custom designs and content to have the greatest impact and provide an in-store experience that beyond the customer’s expectations. With the independent function of the screen and the ability to display different contents or combine numerous screens to show a large vibrant video, the marketing team is offered endless opportunities.

Interactive Screen

According to the Automotive Digital Report (2015), more than half of the respondents are interested in interactive touch displays, which provides the available information in the showroom . It is proved that today’s customers value the efficiency and speed of using self-service tools to find answers. The interactive screen not only provides additional details about the car, but also the dealers can take advantage of the interactive car configurator to enhance the customer experience. Using the interactive screen, customers can chose the models, accessories and colors, and see what their dream car looks on the screen immediately. As technology continues to evolve, customers would also have the option to rotate their cars and view their selection from all angles, including close-ups of different parts of the inside. Strategically positioning the interactive screen in the dealers will further help reduce perceived waiting times and provide a sense of empowerment to customers by enabling them to manage access to new information which is relevant.

Digital disruption is the key to the success of the automotive industry. As stated in the report, “Dealers who are Innovative, proactive in pursuing digital strategies to attract relevant customers and proficient in conveying the correct information through the appropriate digital channels at the right time, will become automotive disrupters that can sustain growth in the global automotive market into the future . “

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