Digital Signage Advertising & Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks in Shopping Mall

Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency to quickly locate their intended retail items or stores, make the purchase and move on. And for that,Implement interactive wayfinding kiosks to provide the simplest directions for every visitor or customer throughout the shopping mall.and it can do as:


Allow routes/directions to be customized and simplified for customers to quickly grasp. Able to edit floor maps for future structure modifications.
Create handicap preferred routes throughout any center requiring the touchscreen interface to be wheelchair friendly and accessible.

Advertising & Promotional Integration

Entice the thousands of people that walk by daily by creatively showcasing advertising campaigns through videos, animations and slideshows.
Never have to worry about outdated retail store promotions or advertising campaigns, always be able in real-time to dynamically change the content and provide a fresh look to any environment.
Integration with facility management systems, and customer relations systems to simplify and automate daily operations and updates to the digital solution.

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Photo for Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks in RUNDA Shopping mall as Pingxiang,Jiangxi Province.China.

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