Digital signage in a new way to attract you
In an age of instant communication and entertainment is the age of customers expect, retailers are rapidly to the development of digital signage.
The most powerful benefits of digital sign is that it can be to retailers for real-time interaction and communication, can get potential customers in advance Attention and convey store broadcast information.With today’s technology, the store manager can send personalized discounts to nearby Clients, and can capture the valuable customer information.
The growing market
According to MRRSE market research company, in 2013 retail digital signage in a $6 billion market, and now in advance Meter by 2018 will reach $23 billion, and the client’s preference is to improve the user interface and reduce prices increase retail number Card usage.
“We are visual animals, we experience our world through vision and touch,” Alan sign method’s digital connection technology Advanced business solutions group development commissioner said.
Mark is very value of retail enterprises.Fedex, one study found that 76% of consumers is never visit before entering the shop
Marks its stores, 75% of consumers from others that the store logo, 68% of people will buy the goods or entering it
The store consumption, because was attracted by its logo.
Digital signage relative to the static can better capture the customer’s attention, but research suggests that they are more effective promotion project 34% of the process.
Digital signage has reduced corporate clients such as grocery stores and Banks queued up for the helpless.In the survey showed that 84% of consumers think For the digital signage display let wait is time pass more quickly, and 85% of consumers think digital signage display screen In a more interesting and pleasant to watch.
Function more selective
Companies have many choose to implement a digital signage, are currently in use and even some shops will use innovative ways:
Targeted by the lighthouse transmission – embedding digital signage in the tiny radio transmitter and called the lighthouse, searchable near a mobile phone
The application of the customer, the advertisement or discount information notice them.If the customer has to fill out a profile, but according to them
The be fond of or push to provide purchase history.
Customer intelligence – digital signage can be equipped with miniature cameras recorded the customer view the content, the use of eye tracking software found that they are interested in
The time duration of the product, the colleagues can track, identify the sex of the audience and the approximate age.This information can help the shop to determine
The population and street room transfer news advertising or discount store.
“Endless shelves” pavilion – showroom ability is limited, stores often cannot display all of the goods.Digital signage pavilion can let the customer
See no goods on the shelf, and even a detailed product description, size, and the user’s comment on pictures.
Smart Endcaps – is one of the traditional corridor promotional display.But the staff is very difficult to keep up with the latest trade information, as well as change the print
Mark is very expensive.In general customers are accustomed to, and not always see “them”.Not only can the digital signage
The eye to attract customers, allows retailers to the mouse to click the information directly.
Virtual chat – in store customers much salesperson can’t take care of all the customers in time, so the customer can directly use digital signage
Touch screen set up the call center of video chat chat with “virtual expert”.
Digital signage for retailers provides a new way of participation and better communicate with customers.Easy to govern, shopkeepers are also encouraged to have
The creative activity, in this innovative way of advertising to test lead in the future.

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