Informed Staff and Tenants can make Property Management so much Easier

Take Advantage of Digital Signage to Keep Your Facility Running Smoothly

Property Management is complex and every day brings new challenges. Something as simple as changing a static building directory when a new tenant moves in can trigger a complicated and expensive process just to make a simple change to the directories in a building. Emergency maintenance can frustrate tenants when there’s been no time to put up proper notices. Even staff can get annoyed over policy changes that they didn’t know about.

Perceived wait times for elevators can be a real problem but after installing digital signage, a recent client of ours told us that “Elevator delay complaints went down 80%”. Digital signage can help alleviate these situations and a whole host of others.

Using Digital Signage, that cumbersome building directory can be turned into an attractive, interactive display that will not only help people find their destination but can also give them detailed directions how to get there. Changes to the directory are done from one computer and distributed to all locations with a single click saving between $200 to $400 dollars per directory compared to doing it manually. Because content can be changed almost instantly, tenants can be immediately notified of any emergency maintenance and receive timely instructions for how to avoid it. Screens placed in staff lunchrooms or change rooms can inform employees of policy changes, schedule updates and even upcoming company events.
Property managers have utilized digital signage to keep people safe by displaying safety tips and hazard warnings in manufacturing plants, to welcome guests in reception areas, to display menu boards in cafeterias, to show daily meeting schedules and much more. And because each display can rotate through multiple pieces of content, a single screen can replace multiple static posters.
Now you may think that digital signage is expensive but if you consider how much is saved by eliminating printing costs and the cost of sending crews out to change static signage, the goodwill you gain with staff, tenants and visitors and the fact that a single screen can rotate through multiple pieces of content, it’s well worth the investment. It can even become revenue generating by including ads from local or other relevant businesses.
When you consider all the ways digital signage can reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies, it is something that is definitely worth looking into.
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