Six characteristics determine the application of digital signage within the hotel

Digital signage project configuration is already be required when building new hotel or updating hotel,hotel operators need to be considered how to make a choice from number of digital signage products on the market.In the selection process, the hotel operators need to know digital signage will be able to play what role: as meeting of Information Display System (MIDS)? to promote the facilities of the hotel? information board? or wayfinding systems?
Once the hotel operators have confirmed how to use the digital signage, consider 6 characteristics to help them identify which category of digital signage should be selected:

1 can be displayed?
The basic requirements for digital signage is content been clearly displayed, therefore, hotel operators should understand the difference between gloss display and anti glare display,gloss display will influence the display effect of glare and reflected light, gloss display in the use of early display because of fashion and is only open for and obtained the development, but in the hotel will use because the reflected glare and light and forcing customers to adapt its mobile location. These problems also produce a large market for anti glare display and third party anti glare glass.

2. Interaction is not always the best
Many believe that the hotel will provide an interactive meeting information and wayfinding display system is the best choice for digital signage,However, the interactive digital signage can simultaneously serve as a customer, but an interactive meeting information and wayfinding display system must meet a certain number of customers, sometimes the same group of customers, and sometimes need to quickly demonstrate to serve different groups client,Therefore, interactive meetings and wayfinding information display system needs to do better in this regard in order to upgrade to meet all of our customers;
Of course, pathfinding and interactive meeting information display system can well improve the level of concierge services;

3 be qualified for special events
Sometimes, customers need to set the hotel lobby to facilitate the activities of the team.This is the opportunity for the potential revenue of the hotel, this time interactive conference information and search for the way to show the system needs to be able to display specific content and specific route instructions;
In addition, the system also need to be able to meet the requirements by the team planner,For example, a specific sound system can match the content of the digital signage, which requires the speaker to be used without interference to other customers;

4 Select the appropriate level
Hotel operators sometimes because of the budget considerations and the choice of the level of consumption of the display device, the level of consumption of the display device because the price factor, even the same manufacturers will have different levels of products;
But in the hotel environment, a lot of the time display device is required to use this we must consider all day long, a display device using the commercial level, because the business level display device uses a power input more powerful, more reliable drive and control circuit, which requires the use of full foot hard.

5, Outlook and size can be customized
In the planning of digital signage system, the hotel operator will because the interior design requirements of the system shows the equipment into space, but the interactive conference information and wayfinding display system is often placed in the room is indicated beside if no customized equipment will not embedded into the interior design, and display devices are has life, there will need to be replaced, so the hotel operator should take into account the convenience of the day after the replacement, these are customized requirements.

6 location is appropriate
When thinking about installing a digital signage system , keep in mind that it should be seen. If installed in the eyes of the height, standing in front of the display customers will stop other people’s attention, so the installation position should be higher so that more people can see at the same time; wayfinding display system should be easy to walk the customers see, without affecting the customer’s travel,So generally in the bottom of the escalator are generally not found wayfinding display system ;

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