Best Way to Convert Cheap Android Tablet into Digital Photo Frame?

I recently acquired a cheap Astro Tab Android 5.1 tablet that I plan to use as a digital photo frame in my office. Now that I have the tablet, I’d like to:

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  1. Find a good place to get a custom wood frame for the tablet (so it stands up on my desk and looks like the other framed photos in my office). Any good sources? The frame would need to be deeper than a regular picture frame, and it would need to have room for the USB cable to connect to power the tablet. Alternatively, does anyone have any good instructions for making a custom frame along these lines yourself?
  2. Find the best Android app or combination of Android apps to do the following: i. Automatically sync (download only, no upload) photos from: (a) one or more specified folders in Google Drive, and (b) one or more albums in Google Photos. (The photos would need to be downloaded to an SD card due to limited internal storage.) ii. Display the photos in random order (and automatically add new photos to the list and cycle through them when they are downloaded — so I can just remotely add photos to my specified Google Drive folder or Google Photos album and have them picked up and displayed) iii. Allow a custom speed for cycling through the photos (preferably a slow speed, like one new photo every few minutes) iv. Automatically turn on/off on a specified schedule (i.e., automatically run from 7:30am – 6:00pm Mon-Fri but turn off the rest of the time). My preference would be to show the slideshow while the tablet is locked. v. Display date/time and weather info on the side of the photo. The tablet is widescreen, so I would envision showing photos on the left side in the space taken up by a stanard photo aspect ratio and then using the extra space to show date/time and weather info.