Airport industry is changed digital dynamic pathfinding

Airport industry is changed digital dynamic pathfinding

Anyone can experience the feeling of panic during the trip, when you don’t know where to go.Realize that there’s no time to waste, and at the same time is more of a frustration in boundless and indistinct in the airport luggage.

Is conform to continue to rely on the static customer service pavilion, let the customer to pass the airport navigation through unprecedented, update, combined with digital signage, high ceilings, modern design.


Static digital signage
Although static sign may be part of the landscape at the airport, but involves the pathfinding, digital sign compared with static sign can not.Printed maps and static sign can provide help in electricity or electronic fault, but the content is not updated in time or fail to provide enough detailed information, is not convenient to use.

Even if no other digital signage, almost every airport have their flight information display system (FIDS) through some form of digital signage.This flight information sharing system in real time for passengers to arrival and departure of the latest announcement, usually displayed on the TV screen or computer system to control mechanical plate.

In addition to FIDS, digital sign is often placed in the whole airport navigation to help passengers, at the same time to attract passengers will usually display near the shops and restaurants.

Using the interactive nature of the digital signage can vary at the airport.Dynamic digital signage can provide direction for passengers, for example, or to determine the destination.With dynamic digital signage, airport to be able to change information at any time, but usually don’t provide personalized route.Some, however, USES the interactive display, it can provide the passengers’ starting point and destination, and in some cases, access to information on the smart phone can know their information at the same time, but is usually determined by the complexity of the airport.

Generally speaking, interactive and non-interactive digital identity is in order to improve passenger experience and provides the latest and accurate information.


Improving passenger experience
In the tourist season, the number of each airport will increase, leading to more passengers lost frustrated at the airport.Don’t fly often, such as those to visit relatives or colleges spring – breakers, etc., will not be as frequent business travelers are familiar with the airport layout, there will be can’t find the direction and difficult time.

Interactive digital signage can help reduce this aspect.For example, to accommodate more than 450000 people a year, San Francisco international airport to install interactive touch screen search options to find their best route for passengers.At the same time, passengers can search to the various categories, such as airlines, catering, shopping, ground traffic and to do.Different choices for passengers, at the same time will provide alternative suggestion route navigation.

Airport use the another advantage of digital display is to show the real time information.For example, if there is a corridor traffic block in the construction of the airport, can display the update line help passengers.In addition, digital signage can facilitate the passengers in case of an emergency this is one of the most important features of digital signage.Whether fire or serious evacuation, airport security can make use of digital signage notice where passengers directly or where can I find the nearest exit.

Better for the business
Digital signage can not only help passengers pathfinding, it is also the airport facilities have good business.The airport staff are no longer provide direction key personnel;Passengers can turn to the interactive display accurate search, the airport staff can be more focus on their job responsibilities, they can maximize the allocation of time.Interactive display provides the function of the search direction, also can ensure the security responsibility to protect the safety of the airport without interference.

Airport businesses can also benefit from the pathfinding digital signage.The display can be at the airport, the shops and restaurants promotion customer information sharing, and to provide coupons.Interactive display for the enterprise provides a reservation for restaurant reservations and waiting time and easy to obtain more detailed message.Digital signage also reduced the renewal, print, or replace static signs of any such charge.


New development of the industry
Digital signage is to alleviate the airport huge demand.Guidance from the static to the dynamic transformation is the airport industry in the developing and changing.Due to the passenger demand change and development, so this is the pathfinding guide dynamic digital sign a new development direction.