Interactive Digital Signage in Seat setzt Flagship Stores

Interactive Digital Signage in Seat setzt Flagship Stores

Only in Germany, Seat setzt has 400 stores. Many of them will be equipped with a new interactive digital signage system, and the new pilot is the three flagship store.

Digital signs are widely used in POS or POI. However, many of the characters just show the information to the customer, and do not provide customer feedback channels. Now that we’re doing is changing the situation, the reason: the typical customers have been accustomed to the internet. And the purchase of a new car, customers need to interact with the reality of the network to determine and determine the collection of information.


Three flagship stores in Germany have been used in the digital signage system. They are placed in the waiting area, the service area, also the welcome and reception area. Customers can load and touch image, information, data and other Web based content. In addition, buyers can be all kinds of models for accessories configuration, color configuration and other features of the configuration, can simulate the final model of the car and there will be no delay in information.


The system uses 65inch and 15.6inch screen to match each, running webOS 2.0 system which based on Andorid OS by powerful quad core processor, each screen also has a built-in 10 Watt Stereo speakers.

Humanized operation and easy to update information to promote the efficiency of the work of the dealer staff. The system has become a sales assistant tool for increasing sales. It will now be introduced into nearly 400 other German seat sales store.

Interactive digital signage system is an opportunity for the automotive industry, because it since that customers want to get more detailed information, also hope that the dealer can fully understand their needs, and through interactive digital signage in the development of the industry is well proved that the car dealer is how to pay attention to his client.