Shiningltd One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Shiningltd photo frames and Lcd ad player are products designed and manufactured by Shining international Co.,Ltd here after designated by “The Company”.



The Company shall guarantee the delivered products is in conformity to the requirements of quantity, specifications, type and product description etc as described in the Contract and meet the quality criterion of original place and the place Buyer is incorporated;



The Company promises to provide lifelong maintenance for the products it sold to Buyer and Seller is obliged to assist Buyer to settle the technical difficulties or malfunction in the use and installation of the products.



The Company shall provide 1 (one) year quality guaranty period for the products it sold to Buyer, when the buyer can use the products indoor and not more than 16 hours daily. The quality guaranty doesn’t include the human damage and force majeure. And such guaranty period shall commence from the delivery date。



Within the quality guaranty period, Buyer only has to pay for the shipment of products or other parts needed reparation or replacement from Buyer to The Company and The Company shall be responsible for other expenses arising out of such reparation or replacement, including but not limited to the cost of new parts and shipment of products or parts from The Company to Buyer. After the quality guarantee period expires, The Company only undertake technical support ,all the possible charges caused should be paid by the buyer;



Within the quality guaranty period, when there have any problems in product, Buyer shall inform the exact phenomenon and operating way to cooperate The Company to solver the problem. The Company will not take any responsibility for the charges and product quality, if the buyer don’t inform the problems to The Company on time and repair it in any local repair shops.

在质保期内,机器发生任何故障,买方应该将故障的现象及操作方法告诉本公司,以配合卖方更好的判断及解决问题。如买方未告之本公司故障问题,而私自拿到当地维修店修理所产生的任何费用和任何质量问题, 本公司将不承担责任。



The Company will have no warranty obligation with respect to the following circumstances:

(1) A Product that has no defects in materials or workmanship,

(2) Products with defects that are not reproducible by The Company,

(3) Products marked as ‘sample’ or ‘gift’,

(4) Products whose serial number has been defaced or removed, or Products that have been subject to:

  • Any modifications, alterations, repair, or servicing by any party other than The Company or The Company’s authorized representatives;
  • Handling, storage, installation, testing, or use not in accordance with the applicable Documentation;
  • Abuse, negligence, neglect, accidents, abuse or misuse;
  • Any breakdowns, fluctuations, or interruptions in electric power or the telecommunications network; or
  • Any Acts of God, including fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, excessive snow, lightning, riot, insurrection, act of war or other disaster.







  • 任何一方以外的公司或本公司的授权代表的任何修改、更改、修理或服务;
  • 处理、储存、安装、测试或使用不符合有关文件的规定;
  • 滥用、疏忽、忽视、意外或误用;
  • 电力或电讯网络的任何故障、波动或中断;
  • 任何不可抗力,包括火灾,洪水,龙卷风,地震,飓风,暴雪,闪电,暴动,叛乱,战争行为或其他灾难。